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      Well, it has been a few days I used the new version without the menu. It looks sleek and nice. But I started to make twice more clicks with the mouse as I used to do. Most annoying is the three divisions — HOME TOOLS and CALCULATIONS.
      Prior to the latest release I was able to get to any command with a single ALT-letter keystroke. Now I have to really concentrate to make sure I bring the mouse to the right area on top and keep on pressing between those three major modes. This is a real pain. I have nothing against icons, but I protest against unnecessary mouse clicks.
      In addition, the icons are oversized. If they would be smalleer, then perhaps most of useful icons located under HOME and TOOLS could be combined.
      Considering that there was no major feature upgrade in new version, the inconvenice outweigh the new pretty looks. This is just my opinion.

      So, to summarize — I would like to see more icons in a denser arrangement on a single ribbon, I would like to be able to use ALT-key method of using commands. ALT-key command input would be the most useful IMHO.

      Other thant this the free version of this program is a marvel for amateurs.
      Thanks for reading this — regards.

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      I totaly agree with that topic!


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