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DELFTship forum Hull modeling New to DS having trouble with Intersect

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      Dennis L.

      Hello Everyone,
      I’m new to the forum as well as DS. Please forgive me if my terms are not correct. I am trying to “Trim” where the layers intersect with one another. I can’t get the Deck Layer and Sides Layer to get rid of the overhang. As well as on the Bow Layer with the Deck Layer. I watched the Youtube video about “Curved Transom” several times but I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I have attached the file. I would greatly appreciate any and all help and advice on my design both positive and negative. I don’t know much about hull design but would like to build this hull with the stitch and glue method. I plan on upgrading to the Pro version once I can get the money together.

      And to the creators of DelftShip, Thank you for the Free version. There are some things I wished DS would do differently. I’m used to Alibre Design and Autocad 2000. However the learning curve is so much faster with DS. I could not have designed this hull with the other software in the three days it has taken me to get this far.

      Dennis L.

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      I have downloaded your file and use Intersect function (in menu Home –> Point –> Intersect). All works well. So I donĀ“t fully understand your problem with using this function.

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      Dennis L.

      Hi Taby,
      Thanks for your reply. I must not be doing something right then. Like I said I am new and still trying to get a grip on how things are done. I’ll keep reading the users manual and the forum to try and figure it out. At least I know that is works.

      Thanks you,

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      John Owles

      I have had a look at your file and I think I can see what you mean.

      I deleted your deck in order to try again:-

      Click Edit(layers)
      Select deck – press Delete

      Select the deck line edges that you wish to extrude
      Click Extrude
      Enter the direction/s and distance (+/ – value)

      Collapse any unnecessary points or zero the y-axis value as required.

      See the attached, modified, copy of your file. Is the result heading towards your target?

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      Dennis L.


      Thank you for the reply. I appreciate you looking at my drawing and fixing it. I will try it myself when I get back to it. I won’t learn if I don’t do it on my own. I see I’ll probably have to work on the bow a little.

      Best Regards,

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