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      José Manuel

      When I open a new project, the program does not allow me to change the length or the widht. What do I have to do to change the data?
      Thank you

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      giorgio zuppin

      Shrink it!
      Hi, I’m joking but that’s some truth beyond…
      When you accept a standard design it will come with its own parameters.
      You can take a “blank” one instead, the white sheet icon, and set your’s own.
      Now the sheet is really blank: it awaits inputs, i.e. points or any else as 3D definitions.
      As an alternative, accept the “standard design” and shrink it with >>scale or by moving points and edges.
      Do not take it as a Guru advice: I just open the software and check it out.
      So blame on me if it’s not correct.
      Regards, Jurgen.

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      Hi Saez,

      Which version do you use? When you start a new project in V7, the dialog where you choose the template to use also has a menu group called ‘dimensions’- where you can set the length, beam and draft. Make sure to press the Enter key to confirm the new dimensions.
      After the new model has been created, use Jurgens advice to scale along one axis, or move selected points…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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