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      Otto Wyss

      I’m new to DelftShip V7 and trie to figure out how to design a houseboat (e.g. like a Linsen Yacht). For various reasons I’d like to start from scratch with an empty project. I’ve figured out how set the dimensions and now I’m presented with a menu only to add points. Yet I’d rather like to start with adding control curves and afterwards add points or planes which seems not possible.

      Does anybody have a better idea how to start a design with any empty project? I’ve searched for tutorials but haven’t found any. I guess there aren’t any. I may produce a tutorial for new projects if I get any help.

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      Have you tried the “Blank project” template from the New Model window?
      See screenshot below


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      Terrance Egolf

      Wyo, as Marven said, you should start with a blank project and then set up the project parameters (length, draft, beam, etc.) in the Project Settings window.

      From my experience, and I could be wrong, you can’t do anything with control lines until you have created a surface to work with. This requires creating at least 3 more or less co-planar points using the Add Point tool. Then to create a surface, you select all the points that define the corners of the surface (by holding the Ctrl key while selecting each point) and click on the Add Surface button. This action creates an editable surface and adds the edge control curves.

      The DS manual doesn’t go into this aspect of creating a model from scratch. I think the expectation is to import a table of offsets or content created in another 3D program, which from my experience is a much faster way of starting a project.

      In any case, if you don’t have at least a scale sketch of your intended plan to work from, you will spend a lot of time in trial-and-error positioning of points.


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