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      I just discovered that a vertical cylinder defined in center 0,0,0 with a radius of 1, is on portside 1.003m wide and on starboard 1.000m wide. On the foreside it is 1.000m and on the aftside 0.995m. For a cylinder of 5m the difference is abt. 1.5cm.

      Is this something that can easily be solved or is it part of the/a method? I know it is a big difference, but I always model portside…..


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      Have you tried increasing the number of points, say to 12?

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      Yes I have, in fact I think i tested with 12 points. With 6 points the cylinder seems to be placed slightly on port side of CL. Even with 24 points, port side still is off although the difference is smaller.

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