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      Sean Russell

      I’m having trouble submitting this! My third try!

      Here are some photos of a little boat I designed and my friend Robert Hale and I built. I was inspired by Flo Mo’s Baby Boat (the one sheet double-ender). I thought it would be fun to design a little double-ender for kids that would be large enough for adults to use. The result was this little boat – Sweet Pea (because she’s pointed at both ends, like a Peapod). She’s built like a cedar strip canoe of western red cedar with 6 ounce cloth set in epoxy inside and out. The seats, inwales and outwales are Douglas Fir, oar pads are oak and the bases are cherry. She weighs 60 pounds, but the funny part is, the seats weigh 15 lbs.! The seats make up 25% of the weight. She’s a real pleasure to row and carries my wife and me with freeboard to spare. Most little dinghies with transoms start dragging the ocean behind them when you put a person in the stern but with our forward rowing station (allowing us to trim the boat) and her pointed stern Sweet Pea doesn’t do that. I’ve ridden over some large power boat wakes with her and she handled this with aplomb. Her only weakness is that she’s a bit tender getting in and out but I think you have to expect that in a double-ender this size.

      To make up the lines drawing below I exported views from Delftship and arranged them using Paint. As I’d designed this little boat on the computer we didn’t have to loft it. All we did was cut out station moulds according to measurements provided by Delftship and when we set them up on the building ladder no fairing was require! .









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      Don’t use *.bmp format of file but *.jpg. 😉

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