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      giorgio zuppin

      Raining here, so kept on drawing.
      But I need a name: for this peculiar piece of … I remember time lost to develop it with pencil and ruler in my green years.
      It’s “manica a vento”- italian – “manche au vent” – french – in eng. I found only “stoke-hole and/or air ventilator”.
      Surely it must have a proper name.

      As reward feel free to use it as .part in your drawings, it’s aligned so you can scale/rotate as needed.
      Thanks, Jurgen.

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      Tim Stewart


      thank you for the file – a very good example.

      In English, I call this a cowl ventilator or cowl vent.
      See here, for commercial products:-

      Regards Tim

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      Robert Holme

      Yep Cowl Vent……………… Normally rotates about its base. Large ones have a handle on either side to help rotation. Towards the wind/direction of travel – intake, rotate 180 deg – exhaust, ( or stops you getting a bath in a heavy sea).

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