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      Jesse de Vroet

      Hi modellers,

      as I study Naval Architecture (fighting for my propedeutics) I received the scenario where a fictional Chinese container company asks our “design-studio” to engineer a ship which is able to sail the polar route between the port of Shanghai and the port of Rotterdam during summertime. The vessel has to be able to carry 4500 TEU.

      In the first place we took a container ship hull and an icebreaker hull and combined the lines-plan of these vessels. After that we translated the created lines-plan to a hull model in Delftship. The model created was good enough for our concept design but we encountered some problems in the bow. The mesh over there looks very ‘fuzzy’ and the bow is too ‘sharp’ at some lines:

      Is there anyone here who can help us to clean up the model of the bow? I don’t think it is very time consuming, but I can’t get it done, even after some hours of research.

      Thanks in advance,

      Jesse de Vroet
      Student Naval Architecture

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