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      Asymmetric meaning one side not like the other.
      Im having a problem designing a gondola and also a proa. while the problem with the proa is because of the outrigger the gondola is even worse having one side different from the other. Is there a way to switch off the side that the software generates automatically? i can take it off the screen of course but it partecipates in all the calculations and for the proa it calculates like it was a trimaran while for the gondola its a whole mess.

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      There must be a dedicated button in the toolbar. Using it, disable the automatic symetry.
      Then using the “modification – symetry” command, order the software to draw the other half of your ship.
      Finally, modify the ship the way you whish to.

      I’m presently working on a “prao” ship, too. :side:
      (Excuse me I can’t enable the forum’s URL feature).

      But I’m using the old DelftShip 2.6 and I think I read somewhere it’s unable to manage correctly the asymetric hulls’ stats.

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      Open the layer settings window (Ctrl+L shortcut) and disable the “symmetric” setting for the layer(s) containing your asymmetric part(s)

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      thanks guys, i tried something like that before but some things didnt show up right, like the “KM” for example shot way too high on the modified hull to be possible. I was probably doing something wrong, i will retry as soon i have time and post if it worked or not.

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