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      Dick van Ruiten

      I am looking for someone ho wil and can make – for a small fee – the translation from sketch design to digital design. It wil be a mix between a MY/SY.

      Kind regards DvR

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      Is it for for one model?
      Can you scan the sketch and post the pictures?
      How detailed the digital model must be?

      I assume many of us will be glad to do the job… if it isn’t a too work.

      But, of course, the best would be you learn the software use… You’ll never be better served but by yourself (as it’s said in french).

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      Dick van Ruiten

      I would also like the program to learn, but there are still so many other things to do with this project. What I initially want is the lines and cross sections drawing so I can make a model of it.
      I’ll attach a picture of what i have in mind

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      Do you need the hull and super strtucture or just the hull?

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      Dick van Ruiten

      I need both, but if we can start with the hull ist also fine
      The hull is more or less a copy off the Wider 150

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      Here I propose you a model.

      I based it on your picture only.
      I didn’t drawn it at scale, so you’ll have to resize it according to your project.
      I drew the outter surface only and I didn’t draw the motors: it’s still a document made for discussion, not for building yet.

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      Dick van Ruiten

      Hello Icare,

      Thank you very much for this design.
      How can we make good agreements with each other about the sequel.
      (I will also try to go through your tutorial)

      Additional info fot the model:

      Length overall: 50.000 (meters)
      Waterline length
      Beam: 10.550
      Draft keel up 2.400
      Draft Keel down 5.000
      Scale size 1 : 50

      To control the ship I will use Azipots, so a rudder is not necessary
      I would like to have the possibility for a section (print) to each meter
      How can we be directly connected fort the details?

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      I finally searched for what is a “Wider 150“… What a nice machine! B)
      … and twice bigger than I imagined…

      But it’s pretty different than your drawing (just compare the stems (bow profiles)).
      Will you make a replica as exact as possible or just a yacht loosely modelled on the Wider family?

      It seems there are masts and booms on the picture you posted. Am I right? Do you wish to make a sailship?
      If so, the rudder is required because the Azipods are efficient only when the thrust is on. No propulsion, no steering.

      Concerning the sections drawing, there’s no problem: Delfship can draw them using 4 different planes. The problem may happen when trying to print them using the right scale (I never printed any DS model). But it won’t be insurmountable.

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      Dick van Ruiten

      What I like about the Wider 150 (and W-165) is the tender solutions and the beachclub
      This, I would like to work out in detail, but in a own design.
      It will be – as I mentioned in my first Delftschip Topic – a combination between a Motoryacht (MY) and a Sailingyacht. (SY)
      Under sail i will make a rudder solution in the keel in de down position, and if necessary also the fixed keel.
      For the sailing part I get my inspiration from for example SY like Perini Navi- Baracuda

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      If the rudder is attached to the keel and if the keel chord is as short as you drawn it, the rudder won’t be really efficient due to its short moment arm (distance between the rudder and the center of gravity). That’s why a drew one.

      Will you make a beachclub with doors unfolding to be used as pontoons or will these doors remain fixed (open or closed, but unmoving)?

      I prepared two pictures to show you what can be done about drawing sections.

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      Dick van Ruiten

      Thanks again for your support.
      The main point is that with a depth of 2,400m1 i can’t have a seperate deep rudder
      The solution has to be found in the keel down situation.
      And for the doors off the beachclub, but also for the tender hach, I want to try to make this working.

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      Dick van Ruiten

      I would be very happy with just the lines plan of the hull, would you like to help me out?

      The details I will draw myself, and are entirely dependent on which parts I can apply to view the process as realistic as possible in a scale model boat

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      The main point is that with a depth of 2,400m1 i can’t have a seperate deep rudder
      The solution has to be found in the keel down situation

      If I understand it well, you aren’t trying to copy any real ship, so you aren’t under any obligation.

      Why don’t you use a draught of 3m or more?

      Why do you think the solution HAS to be found in the keel? Why can’t you think of using a separate rudder? Two or three shorter rudders under the stern may be more efficient…
      Old wooden ships may have their rudder attached to the kell, but their keel was long enough for the rudder to be under the stern, not close to the center of gravity.
      Did you ever see a ship with its rudder so close to its center of gravity as on you project? :whistle:
      If your rudder is not located in the aft quarter of the ship’s length, it won’t be efficient, and the more afar from the CG, the more efficient it will be.

      Isn’t efficiency your first preoccupation? :blink:

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      Dick van Ruiten

      The draught – for the original – is important to me because it should also be able to sail in shallow Dutch waters.

      If we have a rudder in line with keel designs and both Azipots equipped with a longer stir sheet is that a possibility?

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