My first project – Container/Ro-Ro Ship Matsonia

DELFTship forum Hull modeling My first project – Container/Ro-Ro Ship Matsonia

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      Mark Johnson

      Hi guys,

      I do forensic animation and recently have been handling a lot of maritime cases. Not being a sailor or boat-builder, my previous attempts at modeling have been pretty lackluster. Thus, you can imagine my enthusiasm when I found FreeShip and, later, DelftShip. What a pleasure this software is! I can’t wait to get a few extra bucks to buy the pro version with auto-fairing.

      Anyway, I finished my first model today and figured I’d post a few renders.

      Here’s a photo of the ship:

      And here’s my DelftShip-based model:

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      Very cool!

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      great work

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      Paul Gill

      Did you render this model with Delft ship,how did you get it so real????????????

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      Holy crap Batman, makes my attempts at design look pathetic, “forensic animation” does that mean, that if Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck get murdered you have to recreate the dirty deed.

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      Murders solved, of Mr M Mouse and Mr D Duck,
      They were murdered by Gumby and his accomplice and get away vehicle Pokey. They had guilt written all over there plasticine faces. Now its all up to you Mr Vislaw to prove beyond a shadow of doubt.

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      Mark Johnson

      Ha ha ha!!!! I haven’t been logged on in awhile and you made my day with these posts!!!

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      Mark Johnson

      AlexanderDriessen wrote:

      hmmm you make me smile, its more art than naval

      What program did you use for the rendering part

      I used Autodesk 3DStudio Max for the material mapping and rendering.

      Yesterday I got a new project that also involves a Matson ship — the Moku Pahu, an integrated tug and barge (ITB). Got to spend the morning on board taking reference photographs and video. Now I’m just waiting to get the blueprints so I can start building the 3D model.

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