Multihull new frontier… or expensive rubbish?

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hy Delftshippers… skippers… or what else, following a post “strange data on…” – I reckon it was stupid, I forgot some basics, please forgive me – here’s an interesting question: Could the staggering design of America’s Cup Cats have a practical everyday use in the real world, or not?
      Would be nice to handle a “boat” that foils at 30+ knots on a light breeze when you’r simply heading for a cozy inlet for swim or have some summer relax?
      Hmm, designing it – well, to be honest sketching – it’s easy:

      The amount of developing and design research, not to mention technical gizmos as actuators for the wing, aka Sail, or electronic controls for rudders winglets and keel millimetric positioning, is beyond what I think it’s the nowadays potential market.
      So, we have to ditch it like a useless rubbish or maybe put it on a shelf waiting for tomorrow sci-fi progresses?
      Personally, I do not think it would be a a future consumer item.
      But maybe somebody is more optimyst.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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