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      Brooke Longval

      Hi! New DelftShip user here (although I used MultiSurf a long time ago). I created a keel using the keel and rudder wizard but cannot figure out how to move it off of the origin. I hope there is a way besides moving all of the points individually, as there would be no way to keep the foil shape that I selected. Any pointers would be appreciated!

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      When you create a keel or rudder (or import a ship part), it appears at the origin point (0,0,0).
      Do you just move it forward to the midship location?

      Since it must be alone on its own layer, you’ll just have to move the layer forward:
      – make sure there’s nothing selected yet;
      – click on the MOVE button;
      – select the concerned layer;
      – enter the distance you want the selection to be moved in any direction.
      That’s all.

      If you want to move just a part of a layer, select the concerned line segments (click and drag from right to left will select every segment which has at least a point inside the selection box) and click on the MOVE button. Then follow the same way than above.

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      … and by the way: Welcome on board! 😉

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