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      Tim Stewart

      Hello to everyone,
      this is a first post, so please forgive me if this has been answered previously.

      I am just trying the latest build of Delftship.
      I cannot get the mouse to manipulate the perspective drawing with the middle button depressed.
      The scroll bars at each side do the the job, but using the mouse is more convenient.
      I would prefer to manipulate the drawing using the right mouse button.
      I am using a Microsoft wireless 4000 mouse.
      Is this a windows thing?

      Any help appreciated. Thanks.

      Regards Tim

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      Tim Stewart

      I have resolved this myself!

      My new mouse has shown itself to be faulty, when clicking the wheel to manipulate a model in 3D. :angry:
      Having just purchased Delftship Pro, I now await the arrival of a new Logitech M560 Wireless Mouse.
      Hopefully, this will finally resolve the problem.

      Regards Tim

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      Glad you managed to resolve this!

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      Tim Stewart


      Yes, the new mouse is working just fine. 🙂

      One other question . . . . in perspective view, the LEFT arrow and the UP arrow both do the same thing. Likewise the RIGHT arrow and the DOWN arrow. Would it be possible to arrange for the arrow buttons to mirror the scroll bar movements?

      Regards Tim

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