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      John R. Coil

      Came across a blog and this article by a fellow who seems to have hit on a really great method for an old idea:

      Here he shows off the results he can get with his method:

      … those are apparently all developed surfaces in that flare to tumblehome hull.

      I would love to see how any of the actually experienced modelers would apply this technique if it catches their fancy. Sure other folks would be too.

      Since reading the article I have tried to apply his technique in DelftShip and have had some promising results even after only a few tries.

      I have started a new model that I hope to get a series of screen shots to show how I have tried to adopt this technique — it may take me a little time yet to have these to post.

      (Note: this is my second try to post this new thread and I am hoping I’ve not just double posted; however, it does not appear to have taken the first time)

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