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      A friend of mine wanted to model the canoe and colour the hull like in the picture he saw. While modeling he met some problems and asked for the help. The answer could be useful for other members of this forum, so I decided to post it here.

      This is the wanted appearance of the hull:


      Herea are the screenshots showing the nature of the problem and step by step instructions how to solve it.






      Crossed edges shoud be collapsed.




      Selected face should be moved to the green layer.






      Kind regards, Hrvoje

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      giorgio zuppin

      Clear and correct Mr. Dida.
      If I can… the problem could be avoided easily bearing in mind by the start of the drawing the effect desired.
      Btw, i have found some corrispondences with a design of mine:
      It’s about a “gozzo ligure” a peculiar workboat of northern Italy with a reverse bow – not all of them sports it, it depends by the location – as for the canoe, the design came by a very technical issue, need to optimize fiber layers of “planking”.
      If you develope an ipothetycal plank of a reverse bow and stern hull compared to a “standard” one you’ll find a more efficient and clean design using at the best the natural flow of fibers.
      The sample is of a day cruiser, 10 m. LWL, latin sail rigging, retractable bowsprit w. small jib and aux. electric propulsion.
      Batteries give a 30 to 50 n.miles range – 3,5 to 6 knots – model is not yet finished but I thougt it is a nice sample of clean design with the fewest control points possible: and yes you can have a two colours hull!
      Regards, Jurgen.

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      Hi, Jurgen!

      Thank you for the comment. I am also ship modeler and I run the forum about wooden ship modeling. The ships from Mediteranian area are the subject of this forum. One of the forum friends is making bragozzo , you can see it here Bragozzo
      If you have something interesting for publish on my forum it would be nice. The hull of your model looks beautiful.

      Kind regards, Hrvoje

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      adriano natalini

      Hello Jurgen,
      It looks like to be matter of “Cornigiotto” some reports were published in the Nautica magazine recently. Nice boat, indeed I asked the publisher/reporter about original drawings but no answer..??!!

      Anyhow you look like to be another good expert of Delftship and may be you have some suggestions how to manage following issue:
      By modeling a boat with exact same ends like the canoe, I did model first only half boat hull and then I mirrowed it. The design looks fine but the hydrostatics are not correct!
      Do you know by chance whether there is another correct way without having to model twice the same bow?
      Adriano 🙂

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      giorgio zuppin

      Salve Adriano, “gozzo cornigiotto” indeed..
      Linesplan in Nautica n°620 12-2013 a proposal by Vittorio Lombardi for a sailing daycruiser Ecofriendly.
      I liked so much the design that I modeled in DS, intent was – and is – to finish a detailed drawing (as my knowledge allows to do it) ask permission to the author and then submit it on the Forum, it could be well accepted by our DIY Delftshippers!
      So hold on till I finish the job, please.

      Mirroring and couple toghether… never done by a transverse plane but I can’t see what can go wrong if you take care not to leave leak points; I will try a sample.
      Another way, a bit cumbersome is to export as .part, import, rotate, fill the gap with a new face, so to avoid ‘mirror’ if it’s the cause of disappearing hydro data.
      I’ll let you know, Jurgen.

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      giorgio zuppin

      I started a new model, standard one, 6m. lenght.
      -made a transverse plan intersection at 3,000m.
      -sent to dustbin the stern section.
      -moved the remaining part to x=0,000 – i.e. -3,000m. –
      -mirrored by transverse plane, dist. 0,000 with connecting to… option on.
      -switched normal the crease junction edge.
      Got a symmetrical hull, bow equal to stern, with proper hydrostatics.
      Do not know Adriano, maybe your mirroring process got something wrong, repeat and check carefully.
      Ahem, forget please the second option: it’s stupid as a stupid can be…
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      giorgio zuppin

      A warm reply to Mr. Dida: thanks for appreciation, i had a look at your forum…
      Well done! It has took me back 50 years when some bragozzi could still be seen doing their dull job in Primorje…
      Being an etnhic Slovenian I can read but writing in Croatian is out of reach, thank you anyway, to the next.

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