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      Danny Bimmel

      Dear all,

      I’ve been using DELFTship for quite some years now for my model building hobby. I started drawing the hulls of my models with Free!Ship because the linesplan of the tug I wanted to build was very bad but I also got a list with all coordinates of the hull and didn’t know what to do with it. When searching the internet I found Free!Ship and it really helped me draw the hull with that list of coordinates and later on make a nice model of it. When DELFTship introduced the use of background images I was very pleased because from that moment I could trace the original linesplan of the ships I or some of my friends would like to build. With that drawings I was able to CNC mill the frames or even 3D mill complete hulls.

      At the moment I’m drawing a hull for some friends of mine and besides the frames we would also like to mill the hull plates fot this model. With DELFTship Free I’m able to unfold the hull plates but unfortunately I’m not able to export this to a DXF-file. Could someone with DELFTship Professional help us out? We only need the DXF-file of the hull plates.


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