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      Ken Blanton

      I just updated my Delftship free version to version 4.46.177. As I was playing around with it I somehow deleted a couple of movable toolbars and I can’t find out how to get them back.

      I have 7 movable toolbars showing …

      1. File
      2. Tanks
      3. Layers
      4. Faces
      5. Points
      6. Stations
      7. Undo/Redo

      It looks like I’m missing 2 movable toolbars … Shading and Control Net.

      I tried reinstalling the program but that didn’t work.

      Anyone have any advice as to how I can get my missing toolbars back?


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      Bryan Hansel

      On the Pro version, it’s View -> Toolbars -> Then check the toolbars that you want to show.

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      Ken Blanton

      Hey … Bryan … small world!

      Yeah … the free version 4.46.177 doesn’t have the Toolbars option in the View or any other menu … but … I was able to get my missing toolbars back.

      I uninstalled 4.46.177 and reinstalled 4.38.130 (which has all 9 toolbars) … then reinstalled 4.46.177 … and all 9 toolbars are now back in 4.46.177 … go figure …


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