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      In converting DelftShip files into Autocad format, I did have to face the problem of loosing information on rount objectives, like axes, bow thruster, railings, etc.

      Is there a way of getting these information included in the DXF files, so AutoCAD is able to see these objects?
      And without ‘Creasing’ the axial edges, to prevent taking them out of size. I am using 8 points, creating the circle-shape.


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      Robert Holme

      A couple of thngs to consider.
      1. Which version of Autocad are you exporting to as delftship handles the export differently between pre 2011 and post 2011.
      2. Are you exporting as 3D curves or a DXF mesh and which Delftship layers are included in the export.

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      Thanks for the response,

      I do use the 2012 Acad output format, opening it into a 2017 Trail version of Acad, and no shafts are appearing. Not in 2D, not in 3D, not in Mastership and not in Mesh Export facilities.

      In the 2D curves and Mesh, I do not see a way of pre-selecting layers; as far I could see, all the layers are exported. In the other, all layers are exported.

      The only solution I see is the ‘crease’ the axial edges, but then I will loose my required sizes. 🙁

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      Robert Holme

      Select the layers, stations, buttocks and waterlines required before exporting. If you have all the model on one layer then you can only decide from stations, buttocks and waterlines.

      Thats why I don’t use 2D export you have no control unlike 3D. I also find lines plans developed by Delftship are a dogs breakfast of overlapping and duplicate lines if you save as dxf.


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