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      Leo Lazauskas

      Recent changes to Windows and some NVIDIA drivers caused many Michlet
      graphic features to be painfully slow. Version 9.33 fixes these
      problems for now. (But don’t be surprised if Windows changes again!)
      Michlet can be downloaded from:

      Delftship can be used to create Michlet files. The hull offset table
      can also be used by other free programs such as Flotilla and the Free
      Internet Rowing Model (FIRM).

      Flotilla is available at:
      FIRM is at:

      When designing rowing shells or other very thin and/or slender hulls
      it is often advisable to work with a much wider representation because
      Delftship only outputs 3 decimal places. I recommend using a hull that
      is 10 times longer, 20 times wider and 10 times deeper to get enough
      precision. Once the offset table is produced, FIRM or the other
      programs can automatically scale it to the appropriate size.

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      Jesus Cruz

      I still can make the files from Delftship work in michlet, and there is a problema with creating the files of multihulls for michlet in delftship

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