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      I was working both in metric and imperial units switching between them often and couldn’t fine tune my sailboat lateral balance! Then I noticed that lateral force centroid changes location after switching between imperial and metric units. That is very upsetting. I am attaching a short video clip to show how far it moves. Just remove(rename) the last extension “.gz” because it is a little trick to upload videos.

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      Thanks for mentioning this.
      It’ll be fixed as soon as possible.

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      This is more than just a glitch. I was working today with a model and noticed that when converting from metric to imperial the graphs and centers disappeared. I have a video clip to show it. Just rename and remove “.GZ”

      Lucky for me I just did a plan view and selected all nodes at “0” and manually set them to “0.0000” in the coordinates box. After that the data was shown normally and with right precision.

      Obviously most probable root of this glitch is in the rounding off error. Hopefully it will be corrected.

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