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      Kristian Odland

      Dear all!

      After initial shaping of a hull, I want to start the fairing (delftship PRO). I’m new to this software and need help in what methodology/steps to use.

      I know that You can add controll curves and used the fairing fuction, but my experience is that if I use fairing button, points along the curve are going in all directions, while I may want to keep for instance same Z-position for a waterline. Is there, for instance, some way to lock points from moving in one direction (x,y,z) during fairing? Do I convert control curves into marker curves and try to fit the surface into these?

      Also, there is a “fairing” button in the “point section” window. When should I use this fuction?

      I appreciate all the help I get.



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      Peter Edmonds

      We appear to have 2 topics running, starting from basically the same initial post. The other is #5423, to which I posted a response.

      Look for this parallel, but further developed topic.

      Peter Edmonds
      Naval Architect
      Perth, Western Australia

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