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      Hi I am new to this and have picked a model to play with

      I am wonder how to 1) merge layers and 2) may modify stations from a table of station offsets

      Thank You


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      1) Merging layers:
      You must first understand that you can extend a surface into an other layer (extrude) by selecting the new layer before the operation, but once two layers are totaly disconnected (by erasing the connecting surface) they cannot be reconnected.
      But I assume an other way to state your problem is “How can I move a surface from a layer to an other one?“…
      This happens to me, too, and too often: I realize too late I forgot to change layers… 😉
      Unfortunately I never found a way to correct this and I always had to redraw the concerned surface on the right layer… or to leave it as it was… Sorry… :unsure:
      I already raised the problem, in vain…
      Hey Maarten! As you can see, I ain’t the only one! :whistle:

      2) Modification of a table of station offsets:
      Sorry, I can’t help you: I don’t use these tables.

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      ‘Merging’ layers is very simple: select all faces you want to add to another layer, and then from the layer pull down, select the layer they should be added to. That’s it. There is no need for all surfaces in a layer to be connected- and surfaces that are moved between layers will not be (dis)connected to / from surrounding surfaces.

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      It must be a “quite recent” implementation because it doesn’t work with my version… I vow it’s the 2013 one (FS v.6.22.253) :blush:
      I’ve been satisfied with it and didn’t felt the need to upgrade it.
      But now, since you mentionned this implementation… 😉

      Thanks Maarten!
      Thank you all the DS team!

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      Hi Icare,
      While we want you to update (DELFTship is getting better with each iteration) this particular functionality has always been there.. If it doesn’t work for you, something else is wrong?

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      As I told it: I’m satisfied with my FreeShip old version (6.22) and it works pretty well on my old computer. Maybe there’s something I didn’t understand in your instructions… english is NOT my language. :dry:

      For exemple, when you said ” select all faces”, I can just select points and/or edges, never faces… or if I can do it, they didn’t change colors to show it. Anyway, when I toggled the layers visibility on and off, the concerned part was still on the wrong layer…

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      John Owles

      Hi Icare,
      I think that Maarten means the Surface Mesh. This can be found from the Hull Display Menu – select Show/Hide the Internal Edges of the Surface Mesh, then select the surfaces that you want to move to different layer or create a layer from.

      I hope this helps

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