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      Jürgen Sass

      I have a boat builder constructing in aluminum and projects in Rihno. He would, of course, that my Delft Ship file to be converted so that he can read plates in his program.
      I exported iges from Delftship.
      The iges file is very corrupt. When I import it back to Delftship it is completely unusable. Similarly, it can not be used as intended in Rihno.
      The boat builder wants to import surfaces into separate layers in Rhino.
      How should it be done so that he can handle it in Rihno in the same way as I do it in Delftship?

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      Claudio Boezio

      Exporting IGES Surfaces to Different Layers
      In DELFTship, make one layer visible at the time and export it as IGES, one by one. Like this you will have one IGES file for each DS layer and you can import your model layer by layer into Rhino. By exporting your DS layers one by one like this, it will be much easier to handle the surfaces (selecting, joining, grouping etc.) and organize the layers in Rhino. It works very well for me.

      Subdivision of IGES Surfaces
      One convenience of DELFTship is that you can insert control points only where you need them. If you need to export your model to IGES however, I recommend trying to have as many faces having four edges. This is an IGES limitation I believe. If necessary, you will need to add control points to your model in order to obtain a more regular control net. Although it adds work to your DS model, it will result in larger but also less IGES surfaces, which will simplify working with the model in other programs in subsequent steps.
      If faces with five or more edges cannot be avoided but they are planar, an option is to replace the many smaller surfaces the IGES file will have, with one larger planar surface in Rhino.

      I hope you may find this helpful.

      Regards, Claudio

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