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      Hi all,

      Don’t know if this question is allowed here, but I’m looking for a designer who could model a tug hull in Delftship. Source material is a frames & partial lines plan intended for ship modellers.

      The purpose is to create a model ship. I don’t need the superstructure, neither the surface below the waterline (so no need for more ‘difficult’ work on rudders etc). Output preferably in .STL.

      Contact: https://ibb.co/LP33Sr4

      Best regards,


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      Peter Edmonds


      An interesting concept. I am looking  at using  DELFTship as a way of getting quickly from a lines plan or similar source to a 3d printed model for the modelmakers.

      It wouldn’t be hard to create a hull shape in DELFTship for a person familiar with hull shapes and general ship construction. It is just a small subset of the total ship design process.

      Anders – how did you  go with solving the issue? Your link didn’t work.

      Petrer Edmonds

      Naval Architect

      Perth   WA.

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