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      Sean Russell

      Can anyone tell me what the longitudinal center of buoyancy percentage in the Design Hydrostatic Report actually represents? Usually what you would like to know is the LCB’s position as a percentage of the waterline length aft of the cutwater. Typically this is 53% to 55% of the waterline length aft of the cutwater. Or 0.53 to 0.55. The percentages given in the Hydrostatic Report don’t seem to relate to the LCB in any way that I can understand. I’m sure it’s just me.


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      John R. Coil

      Hi, based on my efforts to tweek hulls so LCB and LCF are as close as possible to each other it seems that these are given from the aft, not the bow, when the default settings are use.

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      the amount you see in the DH report depends on what amount you enter in the Project Settings Window –> Main Particulars –> Mid-ship Location, default is 50%, if your designing a yacht work out the distance from 0.000 longitudinal to the mid-ship location which is mid way between the LWL perpendiculars, then enter that amount in the Project Settings window in the mid-ship location and your report will show where the LCB is location along your yacht which should be about minus 3.5 % of the LWL behind mid-ships

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