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      Dave Leathley

      Hi all, I am just wondering if anyone can give me the best technique for modelling long keels on sailing ships. I am trying to model a bristol pilot cutter and work out the best way of drawing the keel. Do I just draw upto the Rabbet line or split faces to form a box for the keel. It doesnt help that the images dont seem to match either, when I pull the control point around in one view, it pulls them out of place in the other, then I just go back and forth moving them around.

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      You should preferably use background images from the same lines plan, using the same scale etc. The best way is to import one image, and then set the scale to the proper values. Once you add the other background images initially their scale will be set to the same value as the first one which should result in correct background images.

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      Dave Leathley

      Hi Marv, I imported a single image that was scanned from the original drawing by the designer. It happened on another plan I imported, all three views were to the same scale and on the same page, as are the present ones. I think I might just import them into Autocad and measure them accurately, just to make sure its not me thats causing these errors. That didnt solve my initial and main query about the creating a long keel. I had a bash and kinda got a solution, I used a 3d box and tweaked it, but now I have leak points which I think are connected to that.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello, about keel design, I can offer an example that you can tweak and twist at your pleasure:

      Just a sample, maybe not so correct in shape or… anything else, but looking at the bare grid and tweaking it, you can understand how faces changes shape and mould in a desired surface.
      Again, it’s not about background images or leaking points: only moving points on a 3D grid, focus on this.
      Hope it will be helpful.

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      Peter Edmonds

      One I have been using successfully.

      Terminate your hull at the rabbet line.
      Extrude this rabbet line downwards a nominal distance.
      Edit, point by point, the z values of this new line to generate the keel half siding line.
      Extrude this line a nominal distance inwards.
      Edit the y values of the points for hew line to 0.
      You now have the centre profile line.

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