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      Terrance Egolf

      I suspect that the file or registry entry that stores preferences such as loading the previous model on startup is corrupted.

      I have uninstalled the program and all its components using the Windows 10 program uninstaller, but when I reinstall the program and start it, the previous model loads as usual.

      I have even uninstalled the program, then used the computer maintenance utility Ccleaner to remove orphan Registry files, but that didn’t help either.

      So I would like to know where the preferences information is stored (registry entry/folder/whatever) so I can delete it to obtain a truly clean install.


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      Terrance Egolf

      During the past few days while taking care of pre-holiday activities, I have discovered where program preferences and other DELFTship-related files occur. If any of the following statements are inaccurate or incomplete, I hope the administrators will correct them:

      • Project settings and preferences are stored in the individual project files.
      • General settings, such as ribbon appearance, reloading the current project on startup, and viewport characteristics are currently contained in a file called DELFTship.bd13, which is installed in the Windows Users\%User Name%\AppData\Local\DELFTship folder. Evidently, this file changes as new updates are issued.
      • This folder also includes copies of the all the current and former program update .exe files in the Updates folder, as well as a Log folder.
      •  I also found a number of DELFTship-related files in other directories that evidently are not removed by the Windows Uninstaller. Most of these seem to be related to various reports the program creates, download trackers, or program icons. All of these can be found by searching the C: drive using File Explorer using the “delftship” search word.

      Sadly, cleaning out these files and doing a clean installation of the program did not solve my problem I am having with using the Offset Surface feature in the program. So I am sort of stuck with any further progress in my work until I can get a response from the company….


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      Hi Terrance,


      You are correct in assuming that project related preferences are stored in the DLF file, and program settings in the bd13 file.

      This extension may change with a version update, but all delftship related files should be in the preferences folder. We do not track anything, but error log files may end up in the same %localappdata% folder. This is also where undo data (basically temporary project saves) are stored.

      Lastly, DELFTship creates a Lock file if you open a project, in the same folder as the project file.

      As far as I know there should not be any data outside of those locations, and certainly not in the registry. DELFTship is essentially portable that way.

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