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      I have modelled a model yacht using Delftship. Love the programme (using free version at this stage). In the last model that I have done I have the situation where, on the lines plans, the front sections have the starboard side midsection missing (port side is shown) and this has been superimposed on the port side of over the aft sections. What do I need to do to get get it instated back to its correct position?

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      Hi Himie!

      My english is broken, so I’m not sure I understand your problem (a screenshot could help 😉 ).

      Maybe you didn’t CHECKED the model and the panel was drawn inside out. Thus the lines plan would behave a strange way with this panel… :dry:
      Maybe you made a big mistake with the points’ coordinates and drawn the fore edge of the panel in place of the aft edge (so the ship hull would be half turned inside out, like a glove… :dry:

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