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      John Rodo

      I am using DelftShip Free Version 10.10 (309)
      Having difficulty saving the Lines Plan to DXF. DelftShip also fails to save DXF from older models with which it was successful earlier.
      Can this be a bug in the latest release?
      Help solicited. Thanks.

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      What is a problem? Save to dxf in Delftship or open it in any CAD?

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      John Rodo

      Problem with opening in Acad. I tried saving dxf from the same file on the full suit version and had the same results; error on opening. Luckily I found a machine with the free version which was not updated and the export worked as usual. So my conclusion is that the 10.10 release has some bug. I just wait for the next release and things should be fine.
      Thanks for the response.

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      iosif gross

      See the post on my topic. But I think you can’t save the .dxf in the free version. Or maybe just can’t save the “Unfold”?
      I have the professional so I can’ check.

      Best wishes

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      John Rodo

      I use both and never had a problem with either. As above, I’m good for now as long as the machine with the old update is not updated. Another “solution” is to restore the computer to work with an older release. But newer Delftship files shall not work and one rather not go there.

      Best Regards.

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