Leak Points Driving me Crazy….

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Leak Points Driving me Crazy….

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      Hector MacNeil

      I’m trying to design buoyancy tanks on the side of my Wilson Flyer 17ft powerboat. I use her for both fishing and lobster pots.
      I decided to extend her length to 21ft and extra beam with the aid of these tanks, which will also hold my fuel tanks giving extra deck space.
      I’ve got the design more or less as I want it but I have these leak points which I cannot for the life of me get rid of. I’ve tried numerous techniques which I’ve gleaned from inputs to this site, but no success!
      I’ve added the Delftship file for the model hoping that some kind hearted soul will help me. Will you please……?


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      Something like this?

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      Hector MacNeil

      Thanks a million Marven……spot on.
      I would ask how you did it but it might be a bit much for my pea brain.
      I did notice that you are using 5.05 whereas I am using 5.21 that shouldn’t make any difference….should it?
      Also I noticed that you combined my 3 layers into one called “sponsoon”, was that my fatal mistake?
      Anyway I can’t thank you enough for solving my problem, I was losing a lot of sleep……not good for a 70 yr old :o]]

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      Bruno Ricardo

      Hey Marven, Could you fix a leak point to too?

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      Bruno Ricardo

      Hey Marven,
      Could You fix the leak points in this two files for me too?

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