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      John Owles

      Has anybody got to grips with the new system of creating layers? I am having problems selecting the crease boundaries to place the correct group of control faces into a layer. I found the previous mesh selection much more intuitive.

      When a mistake is made, how do you empty a layer so that you can start again?

      I am currently trying to get the backbone, stem and keel into one layer but, having made a selection error with the result that the backbone is spread over 3 layers, I cannot combine them into one layer. When I select the whole backbone it says, correctly that they are in Multiple Layers and will not let me group these multiple layers into a new layer.

      Does this make sense?

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      giorgio zuppin

      Maybe I missed something, do not find substantial diffs. in Layer mode.
      Things could be messy though, when mishaps And/Or close edges – if not coincident – make layers a cluster…
      A proven routine to sort out: create new empty layer>>set NOT visible>>activate MESH>>in SHADE mode, highlite ONE AT ONCE desired faces>>assigne to inv. layer.
      Remember to Deselect unwanted items to avoid confusion.
      Repeat and reassemble till order reigns.
      To fast delete layer>>highlite – in Layer properties >>pressCANC…Gone! – be careful.
      If answer was valuable, let me know, otherways – I may have misunderstood – do the same please.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      John Owles

      Thank you Jurgen, That is what I thought. I will try the work around.

      I think it would be a good feature to be able to empty a layer.

      Also, unless you know a way, it would be useful to be able to de-activate control curve. It would allow more freedom to experiment with control curves in different places.

      Bye the way, you may be interested to see a photo of this boat that I designed from scratch with DS and then built by me. She is called “Summer”


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      giorgio zuppin

      A Midsummer Night’s Dream…
      Such a small boats are SO enjoyable and underestimated.
      Control curves may be ditched with “DELETE” in EDIT Menu then easily reassigned in the usual way.
      Regards, Jurgen.

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      giorgio zuppin

      If I can…
      Your boat has remaind me another one that has became quite a legend in our Gulf, not a parent design, but something worth to emulate maybe in a future.
      Here’s a link – – At 02:10 and 06:17 you can spot her, named BAT 1898, kind of a catboat with an absurd bowsprit, the designer was a famous one – I do not bother you with details – point is she’s amazingly seaworthy and fast as hell upwind.
      Plans are unavailable for public, but we have a Sea Museum in Trieste with exhibits from the designer (Carlo Sciarrelli), I can’t remember if there’s something.
      About the video, it’s old but a good sample of the passion we have here for wooden ladies and not only racers…
      Cheers, Jurgen.

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      John Owles

      Thanks Jurgen, she looks a beauty. I am finding the hidden wonders all the time, including DS.
      I have just posted another question about turning layer symmetry off. Perhaps your font of knowledge could help me there too.

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