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      In the layer properties window, there are settings for thickness and weight. However, it’s not labeled in the unit of measurement (metric tons, mm/cm/in/ft).

      What units are they measured in and do they changed based on project settings for imperial vs metric?

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      With my old version of FS, I’m asked what unit system (metric or imperial) I’m going to use when I create a new file. Is this feature disabled with the latest versions? 😉

      Anyway, you can check the used unit by drawing a square (each side = 1 unit, whatever unit it is), giving it a thickness of 1 unit, and giving it a density of 1 (like if it was water). Then check for the weight.

      1 cube meter of water weights 1000 kg.

      1 cube foot of water must weight around 60 lbs.

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