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      Haakon Utby


      A IGES file of the academic standard model KVLCC2 can be found here. In my prosject thesis my aim is to change the bow geometry and run an analysis on how the added resistance in waves changes.

      I have tried importing the IGES file directly into Delftship as .iges but the result is a model with over 100 000 points that is hard to manage and changing the hull geometry is difficult.

      My question: Is there any existing models of KVLCC2 that easily can be imported to and edited in Delftship? If not, is there any easy way to import and reduce the extent of the IGES file in such a way that it is easy to edit and change the hull geometry?

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      Robert Holme

      One way to reduce the size may be to slice the IGES file and only import the area of interest into Delftship.

      Make your changes and export then add to the sliced hull.


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