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      Stephen Mitchell


      I have modelled my hull.

      I have inserted a deck and adjusted the contour to the required shape.

      What is the best way to cut the hole in the deck at the seat ?

      The deck is fair and I would like to somehow trim this surface with the profile of the opening so the new edge around the opening remains on the existing surface.


      I hope this makes sense.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello, sure it makes sense… It’s a thing you do many times in a drawing.
      You can create a hole collapsing a portion of a surface: draw the edges by>>edge split>>new edge and>>set crease, if needed, than assuming your hole is a rectangle, set an edge as diagonal, now select it and press>>delete: the inner of the rectangle will collapse and here is your hole.
      Another way is by intersection: shape an appropriate box as new layer, move it in the needed position – i.e. orthogonal – then press>>intersect layers – you will obtain a new serie of control points in your deck, of the desired shape that you can as above, collapse, making your hole.
      Finally, you can draw it more precisely, extruding step by step your deck, leaving the appropriate hollows – longest – but you will learn a lot about the programm.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello, Mr. as a couple of days has passed I realized I’ve never designed a kayak, so what the hell…
      Even if I consider myself a half marine mammal, have to admit that my practical experience onboard of kayaks is, well…
      So said, I draw it as an exercise and with the aim to give you, if you accept it, an example on wich we can discuss…
      Feel free to ask any questions about and give practical tips.
      With regards, Jurgen.

      Have a nice day.

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      Anneler Ruedi

      I have the same problem.
      My kayak has a closed deck now. I’m tried a lot of different approaches, but am still unable to create the hole (keyhole type) for the cockpit opening in the deck, the coaming riser in it (about 10 x 40 mms -w and h) and the coaming lip at he upper edge of the coaming riser (about 10 x 20mms h and w) as well.

      I’m not only interested in an example, but in a description of the process how to make it.

      Thank you

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      As Jurgen explained it:
      1. Draw the hole’s outline.
      2. Draw a line between two points of this outline.
      3. Select this last line and press the DEL key to remove the line and the two polygons the line was dividing.
      The hole is punched.
      If you’re working on an half model only, you may have to set the two junction points as sharp points (corner?) to get a more or less circular hole.

      Then you can select the outline’s segments and EXTRUDE them upwards then outwards to build a little wall around the hole (it can prevent the water geting in and helps fastening a spray skirt.

      I’ll try to post an example on the next week.

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      Jürgen Sass

      Just a simple example


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      Ah, Jurgen! You’re faster than an heaven-blown lightning! 😉

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