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      My name is Andrew and a friend told me to try using this software to
      try creating a boat plan. :woohoo:
      I am trying to creat a catamaran boat, so I drawed a hull for the side beams, and used a
      model proposed by the Selftship.
      There for I would like to know how to joined both of them. :blink:

      Thanck to all that will reply.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hi, I can suggest a procedure, it’s not complicate but as a beginner do not give up! Try to follow…
      First draw your hull as per normal – control grid left to the centerline.
      Now move it at a convenient distance – left side of course – use “move” command in TOOLS.
      Then MIRROR, care of plane placement and you have a complete hull at the right offset.
      Still in TOOLS draw a rectangular body representing the joining struct.
      The not so easy part: delete faces at centre and the one facing your hull: here create a gap in the late and fill it using “add” function.
      With a bit of patience and some inevitable strong language here’s a basic cat, the refinements are up to you, after all that work I’m sure you’ll find easy!
      Bye, Jurgen.
      P.S. : I omitted a lot of small steps for sake of concision, in need ask.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Just in case…

      A quick draw using basic DS model, scaled trasversally, mirrored, joined by a box – modified –
      A sketch works better to understand.
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      Thanck you very mutch,
      It as been a really great help.

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      Salut André!

      I posted the whole ewplanation a few of years ago:

      I’m guessing you’re a french speaker, so… n’hésite pas à me demander plus de détails! Mais je te préviens, j’utilise une vieille version de FreeShip. Certaines choses ont pu changer entre temps…

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