Inserting offsets for asymmetrical hull design?

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Inserting offsets for asymmetrical hull design?

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      James Frank

      Ive recently dowloaded the free version and have been trying to figure out if I can create a hull with Delftship importing offsets but here is my problem, it is for an asymmetrical hull (proa) but it has two sets of offsets, one for the leeward hull and one for windward. It seems the tutorials ive seen on the web are for building a text file for a symmetrical hull. Is there a way that you could make a text file to import using different offsets for each side?

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      The offsets import routine is indeed for symmetical hulls. However it should be possible to import an asymmetrical hull the following way:

      1. First import the starboard side of your hull
      2. Scale it in the Y-direction with scale factor -1.0. This way the hull is mirrored to startboard side
      3. Save your hull as a part
      4. Now import the portside offsets. Starboard side will be deleted from your model
      5. Finally import the part again in the model.
      6. The final step is to connect both halves, if it has not been done already by the program
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