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      Ada Hovind


      I have a question regarding inserting new planes. When I insert a new plane, the existing planes in the model (especially the two closest to the new one) moves in the x-direction. I tried locking the points in the existing planes, without luck. Do any of you know how to avoid this?

      Kind regards,

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      giorgio zuppin

      All right, at least somebody has raised the question.
      In the last version of DS that very feature was added to: (sorry I forgot the precise words) “align automatically the spacing of planes in way to ensure a good fairness of the grid – and of course a smooth plane’s surface – ”
      Well done Sirs…but, sometimes this function is all but desirable!
      Would be nice a way to skip it, I haven’t found it yet…
      To say the truth it is’nt so smart, after have defined some partition ( of the grid ) things go as usual depending – maybe – by number of iterations.
      A ( Very ) boring way to overcome it is: >select the PLANE – and / or related points
      >use MOVE function in TOOLS section
      Repeat ad libitum…
      Bye to all folks.

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      Your request is heard- in the next release there will be an option to ‘not move surrounding points’ when inserting a plane. Can’t say yet when this next release will be published, but it won’t be too long…

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