Insert Plane… Makes My Model Less Developable… Maybe v2.6

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      Okay, when I try to make a deck in a simple skiff model my topsides get all bloodied up. Looks like very bad news, But then I examine the plate development to see if there is any substantial change to the individual pieces, I find these folds. I’m thinking that might have something to do with the old v2.6, but not sure.

      Should I care, about the reduced dependability? Maybe I can live with that much red.

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      I repeat the exercise in v4 FREE!ship. I’m tring to look to see if the topside plates have changed. They are bloody red, but don’t they look like they are identical?

      Klaus — Do I need to ‘sub-divide the net’ Please tell me there is another way!!

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      Delftship 4 uses exactly the same surface as version 2.6, so geomatry compatibility shouldn’t be the problem. Inserting new control points however changes the geometry, so you might need to adjust the new control points to make the surface developable again.

      If the surface looks red in the developability shading mode then you can be sure the surface is indeed not developable due to compound surface curvature.

      I’m also working a a new GUI for the plate developments which visualizes the stress or compression in the unfolded surfaces. If you want me to I can test your model and send post the resulting image here.

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      Marven, Thanks.

      If I understand correctly after I insert the deck all I need to do is move the control point around (the one in the heart of the red). I should be able to do that by hand. I’m guessing I need to move it by a very tiny amount. Any hints you can give me as the direction and amount. My first attempts at this changed the red splotch, but have yet to reduce it.

      Cheers, Dave

      ps thanks for the offer on the GUI but I think my best bet is get everything back to green, if possible.

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