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      Hello Everybody,

      as first a great thank you to Delft Ship to have the oportunity working with that hull modelling tool.

      But I have a question in matter of insert transverse Bulkheads into the hull. I made with the insert of a transverse plane. After that the non required areas will be removed. After the removing, there are “sharp” edges in the hull in area of the Bulkhead.

      Is anybody here with an idea to avoid the sharp edges. I can imagine that there is a function with a secondary layers or something like that. I am hjappy about every recommandation.

      Many thanks and please see the attached picture that should explain my problem.

      Best Rergards

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      Jesus Cruz

      Use the “Find intersection of two layers” icon, select to insert points in the “Bulkhead” layer, after that just erase the points outside the hull, but is just going to be of use for “view” aspects, for having the chance to use it for any calculation you must have the “tanks modelling” extension.

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