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      I’m struggeling with calculating initial stability for a homogeneous barge.
      <p style=”margin: 0in; background: white;”>We consider a flat bottom barge with dimensions l x b x h of 60.0m x 20.0m x 4.0m.</p>
      <p style=”margin: 0in; background: white;”>Max draught 3.2m, (DWT 3375t). The mass is 1200t.</p>
      <p style=”background: white; margin: 9.0pt 0in 9.0pt 0in;”>The barge shall carry 2 pieces of equipment/ (modules):
      mass 1200 t with height 8 m, length 20m, width 10m
      mass 600 t with height 5 m, length 10m, width 10m
      Assuming the centers of gravity for the modules are in the centers of the modules, how much can the weight of the heaviest module increase without need for ballast, requiring a GM of 0.3m? Check that the freeboard is 0.8m

      My calculations give me GM = 6.13m, which is a lot different from 0.3m included in the text. What am I missing?



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