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      michael f. berg

      Dear Marven, dear colleagues:

      For the sake of shortness first, my main problem, later the background:

      Version 4.46.158 does no longer offer to include the markers in transformations.
      Can that be fixed?

      I am reconstructing a Snow published in 1768 by F.H. af Chapman.

      I scanned the drawings from Chapmans book, imported them into photofiltre.
      Measured them out in pixel, put the data into an EXCEL table, did the gauging
      in meter units. Then I produced a *.txt file and imported it as a frame surface
      into Delftshipfree.
      Everything worked perfectly.
      ( I am soo grateful to have found the program and the forum, it is a real pleasure
      for an aged man to work with it!)
      After modelling a bow and a transom and adding decks and some playful stuff
      there arose a small problem:
      These ships -especially the stations- used to be pictured with a horizontal keel, but in
      floating condition the ships used to draw about 1 foot more water in the stern than in the bow.
      Therefore the waterlines in the drawings fall down towards the bow by
      an angle of about 0.73 degrees.
      In order to be able to compare the Delftship waterlines to those in the book,
      I had only to rotate the whole ship round the transversal axis by
      those 0.73 degrees.
      Now the problem: My program version of September offered to adjust the markers together
      with the transformation and did do so. So I could still readjust some of the control points
      to the markers.
      Recently I dated up to version 4.46.158.
      This version does no longer offer to tranform the markers together with the ship.
      Of course I could have done the rotation already in the EXCEL-Table, but how inelegant!

      If it is not a principal problem, please insert again the possiblity to transform the markers
      together with the hull.

      There are only three more wishes I should like to present:

      First: I should find it quite useful if the Tools->Subdivide controlnet order could be limited
      to only one ore some layers, like f.i. the Transform orders.
      For the purpose of intersecting layers I often need some finely gritted rectangle.
      If I apply the subdivide order for a newly made rectangular face the controlnets of the whole ship
      is refined, which I don’t want, especially not repeatedly.

      Second: It would be a very comfortable feature, if I could select two control points and get a little table
      containing the co-ordinates and the distances in x, y, z direction and diagonally. Really.

      And last: I used to extrude faces from “closed” creases (having already 2 faces connected to them)
      – on my own risk of course- especially to form a reeling above a watertight deck.
      Real ships do have that- and use scutters to get the water out.
      The new version does no longer allow that.
      I can program around that by inserting faces per hand. It is just not so simple like extruding.
      Perhaps a secret “own risk switch”?

      Thanks to Marven and to everybody else for your patience


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      michael f. berg

      When nobody gives you an answer you have to find it yourself.

      First: The program- now DSpro- in version 4.46.158 does offer to transform the markers together with the whole ship again. I don’t know why, but I am glad it does.
      Nevertheless I found, it does not make sense to readjust e.g. the stations in a rotated model to the rotatede markers of model.
      Simply try it: The new stations or waterlines do not correspond to the rotated markers. Logical, actually.
      So in case you feel you have to do readjustments: rotate the whole ship back, do the readjustments and re-rotate again…

      The “subdivide controlnet” problem- to limit subdivision to a single layer- you can still now solve by exporting the layer as part, closing your actual project, importing it to a new (empty) model, do the subdivisions there, export it again as part, closing the new model (without saving), opening your actual project again, reimporting the layer:
      Dear Marven, this could be simpler, if you allowed to limit the order “subdivide controlnet” to a single layer…

      I still would love to have the measuring capability…
      Perhaps you could provide as an read-only-interface simply as pipe or a stream where the coordinates which show up in a window when you select a point are listed…

      The extruding from closed edges-on your own risk- can be done by..Oh, if somebody wants to know I’ll explain how. Just let me know…

      Thanks to Marven and to everybody else for your patience


      PS: Personally most I’ve learned from Dida’s questions and Marvens answers. ┬íMuchas gracias!

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