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      There are a couple of posts in this forum claiming that STL import is possible with Delftship – but for the love of it I cannot find how.

      Can someone show me the way? Import only shows the following options:

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      The STL file import is one of the few differences between the Free and theĀ  Professional version of DELFThip.

      So STL import is only available in the Professional version.

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      So that explains that. Bummer there isn’t a way to test before buying.

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      Terrance Egolf


      This topic ties into a thought I shared with you by private message a while back.

      Importing and exporting models in other file formats doesn’t seem to relate directly to the main “mission” of DELFTship, which provides high-end hydrostatic and hydrodynamic modeling for naval architectural purposes. I suspect that most users of the free version of this program are probably hobbyists and modelers, where such file management would be a great convenience and not a path to extra income, and does not warrant the expense of the full software package.

      At the same time, I imagine keeping up with various 3D file formats to ensure compatibility involves a lot of programmer maintenance effort, which incurs costs to your company.

      As a nautical historical researcher, I for one would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for a plug-in that provides the ability to import and export 3D objects in other formats, where modeling certain features might be easier in different programs, such as Blender, AutoCAD, or Solidworks.

      Just a suggestion for improving an already great program.


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