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      Ada Hovind


      I am trying to import a ship profile from AutoCad to DS by using the “import markers”-function. I have exported the AutoCad drawing to a dxf-file (have also tried iges), but without luck. DS tells me no markers could be imported. The profile is a simple drawing consisiting og lines and points. Before trying to import I made a new project with a blank page, but with the right dimensions for the ship.

      I would really appreciated some answers as to what I am doing wrong, or other methods to do this, as I cannot move forward on my project before I figure this out. I have also attached an image of the profile, so you get the idea of what it is.


      Kind regards 🙂

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      Denis Pratt

      Have to looked at the type of line you are trying to import as marker curves?. I have successfully used polylines of centreline, deck edge, and two hard chine lines. The lines need to be 3D polylines and be careful not to use too many vertices. You also have to be sure that the dimensions are the same units that DSPro accepts.
      Have another go, you might find it is a simple error of input that prevents the program from accepting the data.

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      Ada Hovind

      Hi, and thank you for replying.

      I managed to import it now, I think it was an error in the lines used for the model.

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