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      Jesus Cruz

      The professional version can export files from FBM to GF (from Delfship to GHS), is it posible to import from GF’s to FBM?

      Thanks for the response


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      Sergio Diaz-Ibieta

      Hi Cruzmayora,
      The professional version cannot import GF files. Delftship works with subdivision surfaces and GF files are wireframe (lines/curves) models. What you can do though is to use the import markers feature to get your GF file into delftship as markers which can be used as background information to recreate the surface model. Beware that you have to convert the GF file into a dxf file first.
      Try it and good luck

      Sergio Diaz-Ibieta

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      Jesus Cruz

      Gracias Sergio, el problema es que solo tengo el archivo en GF, no cuento con un software que pueda leer el GF y convertirlo en archivo DXF, mi pregunta esta mas encaminada a si ya puedes traducir de un formato a otro, la logica indica que se deberia poder hacer de forma inversa tambien esto es:

      Si puedo traducir de Delftship a GF, debo poner traducir de forma inversa tambien.

      Gracias de todos modos

      Jesus Cruz

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      Dear Jesus,

      I think I have some code that will import GF files laying around somewhere.
      If you’re interested I can see if I can find it and then use it convert the Gf file to markers for you.
      Just send me the gf file if you’re interested.
      You have my email address right?

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