Importing CSV/TXT coordinates as stations?

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      What I am trying to accomplish is to import points such that they create a set of curves that can be exported as a .dxf much like stations are.

      I have tried exporting stations as .txt, modifying the resulting points in Excel as a .csv, and then changing the formatting and saving as a .txt again so that it is readable by Delftship. Then, as per this video, I imported the new .txt coordinates as a surface.

      However, without even modifying the coordinates, the result looks something like this:

      image 1

      Actual result:
      image 2

      Importing as chines does not help either. What works is importing as coordinates, however I am unsure of how to turn them into curves similar to stations that can be exported as a .dxf file.

      This is what imported as coordinates looks like:
      image 3

      My questions are:
      -is there a way to import points from the .txt file as stations?
      -if not, is there a way to turn the imported coordinates (image 3) into stations or other curves that can be exported as .dxf?

      Thanks in advance

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      Hello, did you find the way to fix that result? I have the exact problem like that

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