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      iosif gross

      Hi Forum

      I have a V shape AMA that I designed a few years back, unfortunately lost the XYZ text file.
      The original .fbm file gives me the Lines Plan and the Unfold panels with low stress. The file is AMA9FB, attached.
      To have the XYZ in my data base, I messured the coordinates from AMA9FB.fbm and made an AMA9 XYZ file, attached.
      As I don’t have a chine I added the keel as a chine also because the DelftShip requires as minimum a keel, chine and sheer for XYZ files.
      Imported the chines and made a file named AMA9.fbm, attached also.
      AMA9.fbm gives me the lines plan 100% similar to AMA9FB.fbm but the Unfold panels are with high stress.
      Just not logic, as the two Lines Plans are 100% similar.
      The only difference is in the Unfold window, AMA9FB, the original, the rotation is 88.50 degree, in the AMA9 the rotation is 87 degree.

      I am trying to figure out the problem a few days already with no success 🙁
      Please help, best wishes

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