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      Håkan Mitts

      I would like to do simple required power/speed predictions for classic boats for which there are no drawings (for engine retrofit purposes, no design involved). For very simple input/generation of an accurate hull shape I could generate a mesh model of the boats with the Autodesk 123D Catch application. The formats that can be exported from the 123D Catch are:
      – REALVIZ XML (.rzi)
      – Alias|Wavefront Ascii Model (.obj)
      – FEMA LIDAR (.las)

      Just downloaded and installed Delftship and none of those formats seem to be native import formats if I have understood correctly. Would anyone be aware of conversion tools/software to convert any of those formats into a format that could be used as input to Delftship?

      I’m not a boat designer nor programmer so looking for tools that require low skill and no programming.

      Thanks for any advice! Håkan

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      iosif gross


      You can import the chines, so if you make a .txt file based on the boat sections you will get the boat and the reports.
      Have tutorial how to do that.
      Attached my example


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