Imported IGES-sufaces from SolidWorks are not trimmed

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Imported IGES-sufaces from SolidWorks are not trimmed

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      fredrik falkman

      I haven’t found much information on what to expect and how to best import IGES-surfaces.

      I have a hull model made with SolidWorks and exported as IGES (I have tried all different export settings, I think.)
      When I import the IGES file into DelftShip, the surfaces appear as untrimmed. Is this to be expected? What can be done about it?
      I would like to continue modeling in SolidWorks and use DelftShip for evaluation and reporting.

      I’m enclosing the IGES exported from SolidWorks as a reference. I’m also enclosing a screen capture of what the file looks like in SolidWorks.

      Thanks to anyone who wants to help!

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      Ray Clark

      Hi Fredrik,
      I’ve been using SolidWork for a while. I don’t have a specific answer for you, but I would be interested in SW into Delftship. I have one project in SW that I was going to import but it was so easy to create from scratch in Delftship that I skipped over that.

      I’ll try a few and post my results.

      raytclark at netzero dot net

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      Chris Baker

      Delftship doesn’t import trimmed surfaces, you can recreate the intersction and then delete and trim the surface so that it joins properly without any leak points, its a bit of a pain with big surfaces. It is worth playing with the subdivisions of you export surface so that you do not get too many nodes to deal with.

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      Peter Edmonds

      So far I haven’t considered this move. However it could be an attractive solution to a current issue I have within DS – modelling intersecting cylinders (some skewed) forming the collar of a rigid collar boat. Cylinders and mitres works so easily from SW Weldments.

      My main interest has been in getting hull shapes from DS into SW. I have achieved some low level transfers, but now have issues within SW to address.

      For many years I had been doing hull shapes in Hullform (Blue Peter Marine), saving lines as dxf, and then importing into AutoCAD lookalikes. From there I could trace shapes into outlines in other layers, and use these to develop my orthogonal views.

      Now I have SW as my primary design tool, and have gone for DS as the means to generate the IGES transfer file.

      Is anyone else interested in this topic? Worth discussing person to person? My main area is small commercial vessels.

      Peter Edmonds
      Naval Architect
      Perth, Western Australia

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