import excel to delftship and surface became twisted

DELFTship forum Hull modeling import excel to delftship and surface became twisted


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      Hello Delftship community.

      I tried to export the station to excel and from excel back to Delftship. But this is the result I got. Please let me know where I may have mistakes and how to fix it. Thank you very much!!



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      Hi Trangtun, welcome to our Forum!

      This is a known issue (point order in the frame exports is not consistent)- and it will probably be solved in the next release- now planned for Q1 2021.

      That said- when exporting frames you will lose some design information (you are reducing a complex DELFTship model file to a limited text file) so when  importing a set of stations  the shape is likely not going to be exactly what you exported.

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        Thank you very much for your information. I’m glad to be one of Delftship learner.

        As you said, is it impossible to fix that issue? So I should choose the different way to built the surface from offset table? Look forward for your reply, thank you in advance!

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